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Christmas with Millstream Elementary

Our latest releases in our Food for A Day series is “Christmas with Millstream Elementary”. Jesse spent a week writing songs with each class and performed them with the student at the their Christmas concert. Jesse had so much fun with kids that he decided to record them for all to hear! The proceeds from the album sale will benefit Our Place Society, $6.17 is the cost for a full day of meals.

1. A Country Christmas (Ms Alpha's grade 2/3 class)
2. We Are Elves (Mme. Whichers grade 1/2 class)
3. DJ Cow (Mme de Greef's grade 3/4 class)
4. Waiting For Santa (Mme Marcoux's K/1 class)
5. Hear Me Out (Mrs King's 1/2 class)
6. Chocolate Chickens (Mrs Satterfield's kindergarten class)
7. Ten Million Candies (Mme Tates's grade K/1 class)
8. The Griffins (Mr Deichmann's grade 3/4 class)
9. The Unicorn to the Rescue (Meausette and Papineau's grade 4/5 class)
10. Santa's Here (Ms Davenport's grade 2/3 class)
11. Pizza Day (Whoever hadn't had to leave to catch their bus home)
Christmas with Millstream Elementary

Food for a Day -Volume 2 - Various Artists

Super proud to announce Food for a Day volume #2! Six talented local musician friends heard about the project and very generously recorded and donated their own acoustic songs to make a compilation album benefiting Our Place Society. Once again, at $6.17, all proceeds go towards sponsoring a full day of meals at Our Place. Some amazing tunes, enjoy the download and please SHARE this project to continue the community of support!

1. Journey Man - Jesse Roper
2. Held In Thought (Not By You) - Band of Rascals
3. Love Song For No Girl In Particular - Towers and Trees
4. I'll Come Running - Luca Fogale
5. Poor Little Rock Star - Leeroy Stagger
6. August - Sam Weber
7. Roots - Carmanah
Food for a Day -Volume 2 - Various Artists

Food for a Day - Accoustic Sessions

Download Jesse’s new acoustic album for $6.17, the cost to sponsor a day of meals for one person at Our Place Society! The album features acoustic versions of some his fan favourite songs as well as some never before recorded songs. This album brings a whole new meaning to “feel good music.” Enjoy the download and please SHARE this project to continue the support!

1. Apparition
2. Good Neighbours
3. The Mission
4. Sick of You
5. Shiny Round Nickel
6. Sex Swing (live recording)
7. Canoe Trip
8. Bill Payin' Blues
9. Yukon Girl
Food for a Day - Accoustic Sessions